LawnTech Incorporated

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Exlcusive & Daily Deals/Offers

Sprinkler Turn-On & FREE Sprinkler Head Replacement


The weather in Omaha has started to heat up and your grass needs water before it turns yellow and dies! For a LIMITED time only, we are offering a Sprinkler System Start-Up/Service Adjustment, including the first sprinkler head replacement FREE of charge, all for only $35! This service consists of our certified technicians coming to turn on your sprinkler system, inspecting each and every sprinkler head on your property for proper working order and water coverage (adjusting their directions as needed), and programming your sprinkler controller for proper times and settings. Any repairs that are needed will be noted and brought to your attention, along with a "guaranteed or less" price estimate, before any work is performed, awaiting your approval. If you give us the go ahead, repairs will be performed on the spot, the same day. No waiting for a follow-up appointment. Not to mention, all of our work and repairs are backed by a two (2) year parts & labor warranty, as outlined below.

The LawnTech Warranty

What sets us above the rest!

Anytime you choose LawnTech for your irrigation/sprinkler needs, we back our work 110%! All parts replaced by our team (heads, valves, controllers) are backed by a two (2) year parts & labor warranty. We will come out and fix or replace whatever necessary at absolutely no cost to you! At the same rate, if we winterize your system and there are freeze-damaged parts the following Spring, we will replace them at no cost. So choosing LawnTech for your irrigation/sprinkler needs is well worth the money spent.

Returning Customer Discount

Loyalty Discount

Existing Customers that used our irrigation/sprinkler services the previous year qualify for our Returning Customer discount. These discounts include Spring Start-Ups (which include a free head replacement) for only $35 and Fall Winterizations for only $45. Ask for other areas this discount applies.

Seasonal Contract Discounts

The "don't miss out on discounted rates when you opt for a season contract" discount

Whenever you bundle services through LawnTech, such as purchasing mowing, fertilization and aeration, we will thank you by discounting your entire total by up to 25% depending on the amount of services you purchase.


Available on Mowing Services

Typically, mowing is not a one-time service. We will be returning to your property each week for, on average, about 16 - 20 weeks. If you would like to pay on a weekly basis, that is perfectly okay. But, if you pay for 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 16 weeks at a time in advance, we will take 5%, 10% or 15% off of your entire bill, respectively. 


Exclusive Coupons

Keep an eye out for deals we post to Groupon! We typically run one or two deals per year, so there's usually something sweet from us that's up for grabs!

Rain Sensor Rebate Program

Available to M.U.D. Customers

Install a rain sensor on your sprinkler system and receive a $50 rebate* from M.U.D. towards your next water bill. Click here for more details.

*Valid until 12/02/16 or until funding stops