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2016 Rain Sensor Rebate for M.U.D. Customers

     How many times have you driven down the street while it’s pouring rain and one of your neighbors or a business has its sprinkler system on?  You probably think, “What a waste of water!” Many people don’t know how to adjust the timer on their sprinkler system, or may not realize it’s on. With an automatic rain sensor shut-off device, those situations can be avoided.


      With a shut-off device, you can save up to 20-percent on your water bill!  When rain or sufficient moisture is detected, the controller automatically shuts off your system resulting in savings.

     To help offset the cost of installing a rain sensor shut-off device for your sprinkler system, the Metropolitan Utilities District offers a $50 credit. If you are a current District water customer, simply have an automatic rain sensor shut-off device installed. It must be installed by a licensed lawn sprinkler contractor (LawnTech) then download the rebate form here. Follow the mailing instructions (LawnTech will provide you with the invoice and information required with your submission) and within five to six weeks you will see a $50 credit on your M.U.D. bill.

1) LawnTech Installs Hunter Rain-CLIK Rain Sensor

Just contact us to schedule an appointment, and we will come out to install your brand new Hunter Rain-CLIK Wireless Rain Sensor. Then we will provide you with your invoice and proof of purchase required by M.U.D. for the rebate.

2) Mail in the Rebate Form

Once installed, you can fill out the rebate form found here and send it, along with the invoice and proof of purchase provided by LawnTech, to Metropolitan Utilities District, Attn: Marketing Department, 1723 Harney Street, Omaha NE 68102. 

3) Start Saving Money!

The rebate should be credited to your water bill the following month. And after that, you can continue to enjoy your brand new, water-efficient sprinkler system that saves you up to 20-percent off of your water bill monthly, year after year!

The Rain Sensor Rebate program offered by Metropolitan Utilities District is only valid on rain sensors installed on or before December 2, 2016 and only on rain sensors installed by a licensed sprinkler professional. All rebate forms must be submitted and received by M.U.D. no later than December 5, 2016. For further details, visit M.U.D.'s website at