LawnTech Incorporated

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The biggest compliment our customers could ever give us is a referral to a friend or a public great job! Leave your comment here for the whole world to read. We sincerely appreciate it!

Quotes They came to replace a sprinkler head, but fixed a couple issues with my sprinkler system. They also gave me some good tips on getting grass to regrow in a couple of spots in my yard. They did a great job! Quotes
Kris R.
Very happy

Quotes The tech did a very good job and took time to explain the concerns I had with my lawn. Highly recommended. Quotes
Ramesh B.
Highly Recommended

Quotes Zach and Dallas worked quickly, were very efficient and made sure I knew everything they did and taught me how to set my sprinkler system. They were very polite and even tolerated my dogs! Quotes
Kathy P.
Groupon Customer

Quotes Great job! Sprinkler had major issues and is working again for minimal charges! Very Happy. Quotes
Jill M.
Groupon Customer

Quotes They were on time, thorough in inspecting the sprinkler system, and patient to show me how the system works on my newly purchased home. Very easy to work with. Quotes
Kyle K.
New Homeowner

Quotes Prompt and professional service. Quotes
Geraldine R.

Quotes Zack did a great job getting my sprinkler system started and repaired 3 leaks. Very reasonable and very personable service. Quotes
Happy Groupon Customer

Quotes LawnTech recently started my sprinkler system for me. He spent the better half of an hour adjusting each and every head on the property and, when coming across an issue, would tell me honestly and be straightforward if it needed fixed or replaced today or if it could wait until I had saved up some money, even walking me through the process of fixing it so that I could do it myself and writing down the exact part I would need to purchase. Then trying to program my controller clock, we noticed that it had a short circuit and he took the time to disassemble the entire thing and re-weld the wires back together instead of just simply replacing it and giving me a hefty bill, as I'm sure many other contractors would have done. And on top of everything, he didn't even charge me for fixing it, I only paid for the initial start up, which was already very reasonably priced. I can't express how grateful and satisfied I am with his work. Quotes
Jason W.
I will never use anyone else!

Quotes Lawn Tech has been to my house multiple times. Here are a couple items. They are very punctual, better than most specialists I have used. My wife is always the one who is home when he comes. He explains what needs to be done and why it needs to be done, and never treats my wife like she's an idiot. I appreciate the fact he willingly helps us understand the problem. No matter what we tell him, he always figures out what the root cause is and fixes the root cause. Even more important, he is able to help us understand exactly what the problem is and how that relates to the sympton. I would recommend this company to anyone. Lawn Tech is always prepared for what they need to do, they know what they need to do, and always place the long-term needs of the customer first. Quotes
Daniel W.
Strongly Recommended

Quotes I am ecstatic with the way my yard looks. The edges around the fence look great. I would like you to continue mowing for the remainder of the Summer. Thank you. Quotes